5 August

by ola subair

Volunteer Manager

Sean was drawn to Freedom of Mind because of its genuine commitment to changing how Bristolians manage their mental health and and hopes that his experiences can help. He’s lived in Bristol for 15 years and thinks it’s the greatest city in the world. Well, OK, one of the greatest!

Sean is an environmental scientist and spends a lot of his time helping improve the nation’s air quality. More important to him is the time he spends with his partner, his daughter, friends, rescue cats (Margo and Mavis)and now with fellow volunteers from Freedom of Mind. He really dislikes the stress that work can sometimes cause and he can find the long winter months a struggle. To help he listens to music and keeps as active as possible. Sean acknowledges that there have been limited improvements in how some in society view mental health and mental illness but that evidence shows that there is still such a lot more that needs to be done. He knows that the work of Freedom of Mind will play a big part in making that happen.

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