10 June

by ola subair

Content Creator

Liam likes to keep busy. His passions are leadership, sketching and healthy living. Liam grasps any opportunity to learn or put himself out of his comfort zone. By day he works as a Manager for a UK leading pensions company, by night a freelancer specialising in illustrations and he’ll often be seen sketchnoting at events in Bristol and Cardiff. Liam attended The Do Lectures in 2016 which taught him that visual learning was best; procrastination will get you nowhere; and that if it doesn’t scare you, don’t do it! Liam has felt the effects of mental health personally, and has seen those close to him battle with it too. Having had a lot of support himself he feels now is the time to give something back and ultimately help others in any way he can. Liam is well aligned with the values of Freedom of Mind and wants to provide value to help educate, communicate and change! A new member to the team, Liam hopes to have a long association with us, helping build the profile and helping anyone he can along the way.

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