1 August

by ola subair

Managing Director

Katie first heard about Freedom of Mind in April 2015 when she met Ella Marshall. Her experiences of poor mental health at school and university had resulted in a passion for raising awareness and better educating people. When she'd met Ella she had already organised a week long campaign at the University of Bristol called Mind Your Head, and created a series of educational videos with the charity Fixers. Ella's vision of a celebration of mental health across Bristol seemed like a challenge, but straight away Katie knew she wanted to do it.

When she's not doing Freedom of Mind, Katie works part time as a data officer for a Bristol based charity. She enjoys spending her free time being creative; knitting, crocheting and sewing whilst binging on Netflix.

“Working on Freedom of Mind taught me a lot about myself, my needs, and that it is okay to take time off. I'd spent years working myself to the ground, negatively impacting my mental health, and it had never quite clicked I was allowed to step back. I learnt how to say no, how to delegate. I realised that to be at my best I needed to put myself first. I won't say I'm perfect at doing this, I still manage to overwork myself or beat myself up for not working, but I'm getting better and that is something I truly am proud of.”

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