10 June

by ola subair


Evan is currently in her final year of university doing Mathematics. She joined Freedom of Mind as she was inspired by their commitment in encouraging productive conversations about mental health and breaking the stigma surrounding it. Evan thinks that having these conversations is extremely important in educating people to help improve their mental well being as well as others. She was delighted that her analytical and numerical skills can be utilised in the Business Development Team as a Fundraiser- her way of a contribution to the positive change that Freedom of Mind strongly advocates. She loves, LOVES data, numbers and spreadsheets, which is why she is very excited to work with the Freedom of Mind team, building their finance function and helping the charity be more financially sustainable. Although, in her free time she can be found in local cafes (probably having a slice of cake or seven), at live music gigs or trying to learn to play the ukulele.

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