13 August

by ola subair

Events Assistant

After attending last year’s film screening of “Stranger on the Bridge “ with the Jonny Benjamin Q&A, Amy decided she wanted to be involved with Freedom of Mind 2017! She could identify with the core values of conversation, education and change and she has previous experience of supporting adults with mental health issues so when the perfect role came up Amy applied online and the rest as they say is history….

Outside of Freedom of Mind, Amy works full time for an online Education Company and as an advocate for Education she believes it’s important to equip the young people of today with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make a difference later on in life. For mindfulness, she enjoys country walks, cycling, independent cinema, reading and catching the latest Ted Talks. Amy may work full time in Bristol City Centre but on the weekend she embraces Country living in her little cottage with 4 chickens Britney, Darcy, Pixie and Bonnie so hen keeping takes up a lot of her time! Mental Health is a really important issue to Amy because she wants to make a difference to the lives of others and support those who feel marginalised in today’s society and finally we asked what did you have for breakfast!? Her response.. Fresh Eggs from my chickens of course!

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