This weekend our volunteer Jon Aitken went on BBC Radio Bristol’s Dr. Phil Hammond Show to chat about anxiety, the Internet and Freedom of Mind Festival. About a month ago I published a video on my YouTube channel describing my experiences with anxiety. It detailed how it manifests itself as a physical, gnawing sensation inRead more

Caitlin – a good friend of Freedom of Mind Festival – has been taking antidepressants for a while now and recently came off them. She chose to mark the occasion with a wonderfully honest account of why she had been unable to drink alcohol for nearly a year. If you have seen or spoken toRead more

What do you think about trigger warnings? Useful or unnecessary? A Freedom of Mind Festival volunteer shares some quick thoughts on why we use them. TW: this post mentions topics such as violence, assault and Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD.) Talking about mental health issues can be difficult at the best of times, regardless as to whetherRead more

Vlogger Jon Aitken chats about his experiences with anxiety, where it all started and how it’s going for him now. Trigger warning: this video mentions anxiety and depression, and a wee bit of swearing. Hey! My name’s Jon and I’ve had anxiety for the last couple of years.

An anonymous volunteer from Freedom of Mind Festival explains why opening up and talking about mental health is such an important issue to them. When considering what to write here I couldn’t come up with a topic that I would have been comfortable writing without anonymity. This is what Freedom of Mind means to me.

Freedom of Mind Festival co-founder, Katie Finch, gives a personal account of what Freedom of Mind means to her and why it’s so important to talk about mental health and emotional wellbeing. TW: self harm and suicide. Anyone who knows me is aware that I am very open when it comes to discussing my mental health andRead more

To kick off our blog, Freedom Of Mind Festival founder Ella Marshall talks about the ideas behind the project, what she’s learnt so far and where we’re heading. Freedom Of Mind Festival began as a vision  – the kind that you elaborately plan in the shower and then usually do absolutely nothing about once youRead more

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