For this blog post, guest contributor Shaun Clarke has written a poem he calls “Thrive” Thrive reflects a positive mind-set that seeks to focus on human potential given our natural or assumed order and imposed intellect on this planet. It proposes that we create our own reality or submit to that of others which impactsRead more

  Join Jade, Katie and Anna as they go through their list of songs that make them feel good and talk about what they mean to them. Listen along with the whole podcast above or by reading the transcript below and playing the songs as you get to them.

Jade talks about how their experiences with art have changed through time, and how it’s effected their mental wellbeing. I have a complex personal relationship with art. It’s not so much a secret talent, but an unmentioned one, and with reason.

One of our writers, Anna, has created a list with her top strategies for getting through a panic attack. So you’re having a panic attack. They’re not fun, I know. But you will get through this, I promise.

  2017’s blog series begins with Founder, Ella Marshall, as she explains her feelings coming back into the project for the second time… Freedom of Mind Festival is back for it’s second year and once again, I am incredibly proud of all the great events we have in store, which have been brought together by theRead more

When you think of mental illness, what comes to mind? For this week’s blog post an anonymous writer explores invisible mental health problems, and why we aren’t talking about them. Just to note: this post talks about childhood trauma. Not in explicit detail, but rather the long term effects. I’m pretty sure most ­people with someRead more

Dean Ayotte is a coordinator for The Bristol Cable, a media co-operative created and owned by over 1200 people. Here he talks through his own journey with work and how it has affected his mental health. It’s November 2012 and I’m at the Job Centre on a cold morning.

Ben talks about the University of Bristol’s Peace of Mind student society and how they foster an environment that is open and constructive for all. Peer support groups are increasingly filling the void created by the various inadequacies of services provided by the NHS.

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