In this piece, Anna shares the research she has done around the benefits of nature on your mental health. One of the main reasons I chose the University that I attended was its magnificent grounds. It had lakes, ponds carpeted in lily pads, open fields that stretched for miles and gorgeous woodland. Towards the endRead more

This personal and anonymous blog post shares the writer’s experience of what it was like to come to terms with opening up about their depression. Throwback to 2014: Its April. I’m living in Bristol, coming to the end of 4 years of studying there. And I’m just really… sad. It feels like the end: theRead more

Spring is here, the sun is shining, and everything should be getting better. Except it’s not always as straightforward as that. KB shares her experiences of seasonal affective disorder during the transitions of the seasons.

In this guest blog post by Jess Midgley, she shares some of her artwork that shows not only the landscape around her, but the feelings tied with it. The artwork is part of a series of work based on some time spent on the Isles of Scilly. Being outside in nature and documenting it isRead more

In this piece, Anna talks openly about her experience of Anxiety and what people don’t always get about living with it. One thing I worry about with anxiety (part of an infinite list) is being understood. I can’t speak for everyone with mental health difficulties but I often wonder if other people feel the sameRead more

In this post, Gilda Lockheart shares what it’s like living with psychosis and how her performance work has helped her to better understand these experiences. TW: Graphic Descriptions of violence, Death, Psychosis, Suicidal thoughts *Note from the editor* You may find this an intense read so please make sure you look after yourself.We feelthis postRead more

This week’s blog post is from HJ – our very own… well, we’ll let her tell you! Writing on how to support those with anxiety Hi! I’m HJ, a 27 year old thingymabob and Freedom of Mind’s PR Coord. I have had severe anxiety since I was 4 years old. It is not triggered byRead more

In his poem “A day at a time” Tom Burgess explores how it feels to want to reach out. But we’ll let him explain it better.. This poem is an anomaly for I do not write anymore, or at least that is what I have been telling myself. Capturing thoughts and sensations is a challenge,Read more

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