Alcohol can be complicated for many people, and KB wants to explore some alternatives to sitting in the sun with an alcoholic drink. There is something that happens, I have never really been able to pin it down; but when the sun creeps out and the sky isn’t overpowered by the daunting clouds we knowRead more

We’re excited to announce the first few events that will be taking place at Freedom of Mind Festival 2018! Tickets will be on sale soon, but for now, here’s a little taster for what you can expect between the 8th and 12th of October…   Spoken word night We’re super excited to collaborate with RaiseRead more

Sean, our Volunteer Manager, shares his experiences of being a father to his daughter, Becky. Join him on his journey through the ups and downs of a Father’s mental health.

I first met Ella Marshall in April 2015, at the Folk House Cafe, sat outside in the sun. Going in I didn’t expect to leave with a new business partner and friend, in fact I don’t think I even realised as I left quite what I had signed up to, but that meeting saw FreedomRead more

In this piece, Ola reflects on how much she has changed since her younger years, and how her mindset has changed to be more open, honest and to focus on what she can do to help herself. A few weeks ago I was looking for some old documents at home. After a good rummaging throughRead more

Ruth is tired of the stigma around mental health. She wants to highlight how it’s an issue and what you can begin to do about it. Imagine you have broken your foot. You know that something is definitely wrong; when you fell you literally heard your bone crack, your foot has swollen to 3 timesRead more

One of our newest Content Creators, Emily, has offered to run the Bristol Half Marathon for us to raise money and improve awareness around mental health. You can donate by clicking here. This is why she’s doing it… Hi I’m Emily, I’m 25 and I will be running the Bristol Half Marathon in September 2018Read more

Liam shares how heading home and taking the time to reflect in the hills of Pembrokeshire helped him to learn about his own mental health and make changes to improve himself because of it.

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