Freedom of Mind Festival 2018 is HERE! Our second main event was a wellbeing walk at Leigh Woods! And we were hoping some dogs would come along too. Missed the event?

Check out Anna and Cai’s thoughts on how it went…

Cai’s Experience

I love dogs. And so when the idea of a dog walk was floated in the team, I was instantly on board! Cut ahead several months to Leigh Woods on the morning the walk. Opening my blinds in the morning revealed a perfect day for it – the sun was out, it was crisp and I was ready.

After we’d all arrived at the meeting point, we began our walk.

Making our way through the trees felt peaceful and relaxing. Being around nature makes you feel good, so whether we were talking about mindfulness or just playing with dogs, it helped.

The route was enjoyable. It remained easy throughout and never got too tricky. Making my way through the group of people that had gathered was fun to listen to the different conversations that were being had.

With a huge range of people from all sorts of backgrounds (and a variety of dogs to boot!) it was a great community event with loads of fun.

Anna’s Experience

Yesterday morning a group of intrepid dogs took their two legged friends for an adventure through Leigh Woods for Freedom of Mind’s Wellbeing Walk! Excited barks could be heard echoing through the trees as dogs big and small, scruffy and smooth greeted new friends and strained to get going.

We followed the purple trail winding through the woods, each at our own pace, as dogs bounded and plodded around us, and a young boxer sprinted at full pelt looking for the best stick. Many conversations naturally moved to the importance of being outdoors, among plants and wildlife, and of course the healing power of our waggy tailed companions.

One quote that really struck a chord with me was from a lovely woman with a gentle border terrier:

‘We measure progress by how far we have moved away from nature’.

We both agreed that getting back in touch with nature was part of what made us feel truly alive.

Overall, the event encouraged people to see new faces, get some fresh morning air with their furry friends and remember how good it feels to wander through a green landscape and just BE.

And so wraps up day 2! For day 3, we’ve got a trio of events – an afternoon tea party against loneliness, a film screening and a spoken word night

See you next time!


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