March 2018 - Freedom of Mind

In this guest blog post by Jess Midgley, she shares some of her artwork that shows not only the landscape around her, but the feelings tied with it.

The artwork is part of a series of work based on some time spent on the Isles of Scilly. Being outside in nature and documenting it is incredibly important to my wellbeing. The lines show the flow of the landscape, but also the movement of my hand immersed in the experience of drawing – of a moment in time when I let myself go and simply focused on the land and my body.

My practise is intimately bound with making sense: of these sensory experiences and my place in the world. Through our sensory perception we undertake journeys of understanding, cultivate our awareness and process. I consider the process of drawing to be integral to my wellbeing, when I draw I give my mind time to process the world as I map out the lines on the page. The movement helps make sense of my experiences and to learn that I can mimic the natural flow of the world by my hand, I can control what happens and feel the rhythm of life roll through my body. 

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