Why We’re Excited For Peerfest

22 September

by Anna


We are so excited that Bristol is going to be hosting Peerfest this year. We wanted to talk a bit about what that means…

Conversation. It’s the first of Freedom of Mind’s three main aims,  (conversation, education and change) for a good reason. Talking about issues and problems that we are experiencing is an important step in our journey towards better mental health. If we bottle up our problems we can often lose out on valuable support and end up feeling frustrated and isolated.

Being open about our problems can be incredibly cathartic and talking to people who genuinely care makes us feel supported and valued. This in turn can help increase our self worth. The beauty of peer support is that it empowers us to help EACH OTHER and to take a proactive approach to our problems. This means that everyone benefits, both from the care their peers give them and from being able to give care to their peers. It can also help us overcome feelings of isolation, as we are surrounded by people who have had similar lived experiences.

Peer support is an invaluable resource for people suffering from mental health issues, so we at Freedom of Mind are super excited for Peerfest 2017! Peerfest is a national, annual event celebrating peer support and those involved in delivering, facilitating and promoting it.

On October 9th 2017, Peerfest is coming to At-Bristol (now called We The Curious of course!). Peerfest is a Mind event, which is overseen by the cross organisational Peerfest National Planning Team. This year it will be delivered by Bristol Independent Mental Health Network (BIMHN) and we are delighted to say that Freedom of Mind will be a partner at the event, along with Changes Bristol,  Bristol Survivors Network and Wellbeans Initiative C.I.C.

Peerfest will be a fun and inspirational event, with a great mix of friendly stalls, interesting workshops, creative and interactive activites and thought provoking debate. It will also include The Marsh Awards, which recognize excellence in mental health peer support. It will be a fantastic opportunity to network with other people involved in peer support, learn more about it and be part of the discussion surrounding it. So why not come along and discover the power and importance of peer support! We hope to see you there!

For more information and tickets – please do check out the information here!

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