“THRIVE” A Poem – By Shaun Clarke

14 September

by Freedom Of Mind


For this blog post, guest contributor Shaun Clarke has written a poem he calls “Thrive”

Thrive reflects a positive mind-set that seeks to focus on human potential given our natural or assumed order and imposed intellect on this planet. It proposes that we create our own reality or submit to that of others which impacts our state of mind.

I’m an Urban Poet, Writer and Compiler. Based in Bristol, I write fiction, including short stories, and have written articles for Bristol Cable, Boundless Magazine, Rebelle Society and the Voice. I was recently featured in Bristol 247, appeared on BBC Bristol, Ujima Radio, Talk 2 and Voice 4 Change as a Poet and/or Compiler of Lyrically Justified 1 and 2. 

THRIVE with Potential, Motivation, elevation, and without Hesitation,
Needless of lies, or purely to capitalise, be it socially enterprise,
To know only if one tries, if need be – against the machine – Rise
We don’t want to be rich or poor, just happy and sure,
To get on, and nothing more,
To have peace and make it law
No ulterior motives to connive, except to stay alive, maybe even THRIVE
Cards played, just part of a game,
With eventual victors, and like pawns, them who are slain.
Like Uncle Tom, your loss could my gain,
Takes ludicrous courage to go against the grain.
Give me reason, time and space, to be there for you,
Let’s do some serious Justice – keep it true
Like were duty bound
All equal when we hit the ground

We can’t THRIVE with unending Frustration
From Battle Stations, let’s strive for smooth negotiations,
Navigating through the lies that no longer surprise,
With disdain in them careless eyes
Watch me go because I say so,
Given the chance I’m bound to glow, in some righteous show,
Although I’ll need my Sister and My bro,
To keep me up when I get low
I’ve been reading and writing things I take delight in,
Once I get going there’s nothing too frightening –
We may chastise while we re-energise alongside the wise,
What a sweet surprise to harmonise, without need to despise,
Need only to realise, that we were born to THRIVE

Let’s find something in common that we can trust,
Where we don’t have to be outcast, or pushed
Less the fuss and rat race rush, as we recall enough is enough
We’re learning, smiling, crying-beings,
So it seems, with fantastic dreams
Genetic and geometric codes intertwine, to refine,
After they combine to make patterns, in order to shine
Incisive shapes and angles twist and move,
Making ways to make everything possible, like a tetrahedron in its groove
I idealise a perfect future where others are not obliged,
Not just alive, settling for the dregs and demise,
… Help me, to help y0u, to help me, THRIVE

Contact Shaun Clarke the Writer. Or catch him with contributing writers at “Lyrically Justified Speaks Volumes launch event at Hamilton House on Sunday, October 29th, or at Waterstones November 11th 7-9pm…

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