Our Mindful Music: A Freedom Of Mind Podcast

11 September

by Jade Evans



Join Jade, Katie and Anna as they go through their list of songs that make them feel good and talk about what they mean to them.

Listen along with the whole podcast above or by reading the transcript below and playing the songs as you get to them.

Hey, Soul Sister – Train

K: So the first song that I was thinking about- it’s really difficult to pick a song which particularly makes you happy, do you know what I mean? Because unless you’re listening to music you don’t necessarily think about it in that sense. But one of the songs which I really like and listen to on repeat endlessly is Hey, Soul Sister by Train, just cause it’s amazing, it’s just really happy and it’s really upbeat, it’s really positive.

Yeah and it’s just kinda one of those ones that makes you, y’know, sometimes when you’re listening to music and it really influences how you feel about stuff, and it kind of makes me sit up and kind of- I have to try really hard on the bus not to bob along.

J: See I do that anyway no matter what I’m listening to.

K: And also, almost because… It’s gonna sound a bit- actually this might sound a bit too weird. You know because I identify as a woman so it’s almost like he’s singing it to me sometimes?

A: Yeah I do, I know what you mean!

K: So that’s really nice actually.

J: It feels personal.

K: Yeah it does and it’s almost like a confidence boost.

A: It’s like “aw thank you that’s really nice!”


Life is Life – Noah and the Whale

A: So my song is Life is Life by Noah and the Whale, I think I first heard it at uni and I was kinda going through one of those ‘don’t know who you are’ type things, trying to work out who I was, and I think it was very much just like “don’t be afraid to be yourself” and it’s all about just forgetting about the past and embracing the future, and yeah I think I could just really relate to all those things and it’s just really happy and cute.

J: What I quite like about it is that it kinda sounds like a normal, edgy, not alternative but, it just sounds like a regular song which sometimes aren’t very happy with their lyrics, but that was very happy with its lyrics, so it was a nice change.

A: I think it’s also nice I guess- I do like love songs but I guess it’s nice to hear something that’s just about being yourself.

K: Like you make your own happiness.

A: Yeah it’s like you create your own future.

K: It’s your decision to be who you want to be.

A: Which I think is a really important thing for people to know, especially I guess when you’re at uni and you might be having some thoughts about all these pressures about who you should be and everything like that.

J: It’s a nice reassurance.

A: Yeah.


Here Comes a Thought – Steven Universe

J: My first one is Here Comes a Thought, it’s from the Steven Universe soundtrack. It’s just a very nice, chill song I think and in the context of the episode that it’s in it kind of teaches you how to communicate well with people, and how to take a moment and step back and realise that you’re okay. And I think it’s really cute to listen to anyway.

K: Yeah I think it is nice because it’s about communication almost isn’t it? It’s just saying it’s important to communicate to each other and respect other people’s views and opinions.

J: I think it’s quite good to explain relationships with other people but also with yourself as well.

A: Yeah there aren’t many songs that deal with that kind of topic.

J: It’s done a two in one there.

K: And I think also it’s really easy to get so swept up in what is going on for you right that second, all your own thoughts and especially with social media and everything pretty much, life in general-

A: The world!

K: The world, yeah! It’s really easy to just get stuck in your head so it’s very much like “actually, you’ve got time, you can think about things”.

A: Yeah I think it’s really healthy advice cause yeah like you say it’s really easy to get stuck in there, so to take a step back and be able to look at yourself and just think about things it’s like a really good…

J: It’s a nice lesson to give.

A: Yeah it is a really nice lesson to give!


On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

J: Okay so I think Katie’s decided on her next song.

K: Yeah I’ve finally decided! So my other song which I really like and just generally makes me happy is On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons. I mean in general this is just an amazing album and I actually had this album and I used to listen to it all the time and I think it must’ve first come out about the point when I was very very unwell with my mental health. It was really bad, and so I kind of associate it with getting better, because I listened to it so much when I was going through that really hard time and literally picking myself up. So yeah, I’ve also got quite a positive association with it anyway. But in particular, there’s that lyric where they say “and I know it’s hard when you’re falling down and it’s a long way up when you hit the ground but get up now.” So I think it’s just quite nice cause it kind of acknowledges that sometimes it’s really difficult and things are really hard but actually […] it’s worth the effort to get up.

J: There’s always a good reason to get up.

K: Exactly yeah! In this case, in their music video, you have an astronaut party! I’m not entirely sure what that relates to!


La Vie en Rose (cover) – Louis Armstrong

A: So my next song is La Vie en Rose, the cover by Louis Armstrong. I think I discovered it when I was listening to a Louis Armstrong playlist, cause with my anxiety I find that music can help quite a lot and I was thinking I always listen to more angsty stuff, it wasn’t really helping! So I thought I’d listen to some much older stuff and I thought Louis Armstrong would be really good because his voice is so calm and happy, and I discovered this and sort of fell in love with it and listened to it like a million times.

J: I like that you can hear that he’s happy when he sings it.

A: Yeah it’s like you can hear him smiling in his singing which is so lovely. It’s one of those songs that makes me think of sunny days and flowers and blue skies and just lovely happy things really.

J: It’s a nice mix of all things happy.

K: Yeah and really calming, as well, I can imagine this really helps actually if you’re feeling a bit anxious and it just kind of slows you down.

A: Yeah, it’s one of the best songs I’ve found for panic attacks, like if I’m having a panic attack and I’m really really going into myself and freaking out and then I’ll listen this and just be like “oh there’s no need to worry, everything’s fine!” Which is really really nice so it’s a good thing to have on hand.


Tilted – Christine and the Queens

J: My second song is Tilted by Christine and the Queens, she’s probably one of my favourite artists now and I only heard her last year because of this song. A lot of it doesn’t really make much sense but that’s kinda nice in a way to have something that’s nonsense to listen to. I really like the lyrics in the chorus, “I’m actually good” – it’s like “yeah, I’m good!”

A: It’s a nice sort of reaffirming kind of thing for yourself I guess.

J: Yeah like “I’ve got this”.

K: I like the fact that in the English one you’ve kind of got all the English lyrics and then she does the French bit and I just think it’s really interesting it gives it a whole different texture.

J: I quite like that there’s quite a lot going on because if I’m listening to it and I want to zone out then I can pick out one particular instrumental to listen to or one harmony and it’s just really nice that all of that is in there.

A: I think what’s interesting is that although there’s a lot of stuff going on it sort of has this really beautiful, simple feel to it, in a really nice way you’ve got that beat coming in and out, it’s kind of hypnotising.

J: Like a simple overall sort of feel to it.

K: I don’t know why- so that was the first time I’ve ever heard that song and the kind of like the *bo-bo bo-bo* bit that just goes around the whole thing makes me think of butterflies?

A: Oh yeah I see what you mean actually, like fluttering!

K: Yeah, something that’s just kind of natural.

A: Yeah it’s just such a chilled song to listen to, but not chilled in a boring way, you can definitely listen to it and really really enjoy it for the musical side.

J: I have to stop myself from dancing


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