July 2016 - Freedom of Mind

• Jon meets Dr. Phil

24 July

by Jon Aitken


This weekend our volunteer Jon Aitken went on BBC Radio Bristol’s Dr. Phil Hammond Show to chat about anxiety, the Internet and Freedom of Mind Festival.

About a month ago I published a video on my YouTube channel describing my experiences with anxiety. It detailed how it manifests itself as a physical, gnawing sensation in my stomach, where I believe it all came from plus the things I’m doing to tackle it. Here’s the video:

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• Anti depressants and me

8 July

by Freedom Of Mind


Caitlin – a good friend of Freedom of Mind Festival – has been taking antidepressants for a while now and recently came off them. She chose to mark the occasion with a wonderfully honest account of why she had been unable to drink alcohol for nearly a year.

If you have seen or spoken to me in the past few days/weeks/months you will know that today is the day I can drink again!
As my nearest and dearest are aware, I haven’t been able to drink in ELEVEN MONTHS.

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