Anxiety, yo.

13 June

by Jon Aitken


Vlogger Jon Aitken chats about his experiences with anxiety, where it all started and how it’s going for him now.

Trigger warning: this video mentions anxiety and depression, and a wee bit of swearing.

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Hey! My name’s Jon and I’ve had anxiety for the last couple of years.

It took a lot for me to admit that to myself, let alone anybody else, and since then it’s been an occasionally tough but super interesting journey. Coincidentally, I find it therapeutic to talk to a camera and, via the internet, thousands of strangers. This is the very first time I’ve talked about my mental health on my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy!

It helped me a lot to talk to people about what I was/am still going through, and that’s what drew me to the Freedom of Mind project. In fact, being a part of it actually gave me the confidence to make this video.

I help out in the social media bit, making sure the lovely people behind our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are all happy and not stressing about anything. But more importantly, making sure we as a team are embodying what Freedom of Mind is all about – openness and communication. Would you like to chat? Hit us up on one of those social pages and lets be friends.

Jon x

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