June 2016 - Freedom of Mind

• The Importance of Trigger Warnings

23 June

by Freedom Of Mind


What do you think about trigger warnings? Useful or unnecessary? A Freedom of Mind Festival volunteer shares some quick thoughts on why we use them.

TW: this post mentions topics such as violence, assault and Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD.)

Talking about mental health issues can be difficult at the best of times, regardless as to whether you recognise that most individuals who have mental health issues are, in some way, vulnerable.

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• Anxiety, yo.

13 June

by Jon Aitken


Vlogger Jon Aitken chats about his experiences with anxiety, where it all started and how it’s going for him now.

Trigger warning: this video mentions anxiety and depression, and a wee bit of swearing.

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Hey! My name’s Jon and I’ve had anxiety for the last couple of years.

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