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We are so excited that Bristol is going to be hosting Peerfest this year. We wanted to talk a bit about what that means…

Conversation. It’s the first of Freedom of Mind’s three main aims,  (conversation, education and change) for a good reason. Talking about issues and problems that we are experiencing is an important step in our journey towards better mental health. If we bottle up our problems we can often lose out on valuable support and end up feeling frustrated and isolated.

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My Journey With OCD

20 September

by Ant Lightfoot


In his personal story, Ant talks openly about his relationship with his own OCD and the struggles he has gone through whilst coming to accept it.

I see and hear it all the time:

“My bedroom has to be so tidy otherwise it sets off my OCD”, or: “I just washed my hands twice in a row; I’m so OCD lol.”

I hate to break it to you, Brenda- but you’re not. And you’re perpetuating a dangerous misconception every time you say so.

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14 September

by Freedom Of Mind


For this blog post, guest contributor Shaun Clarke has written a poem he calls “Thrive”

Thrive reflects a positive mind-set that seeks to focus on human potential given our natural or assumed order and imposed intellect on this planet. It proposes that we create our own reality or submit to that of others which impacts our state of mind.

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