In this post, Gilda Lockheart shares what it’s like living with psychosis and how her performance work has helped her to better understand these experiences. TW: Graphic Descriptions of violence, Death, Psychosis, Suicidal thoughts *Note from the editor* You may find this an intense read so please make sure you look after yourself.We feelthis postRead more

This week’s blog post is from HJ – our very own… well, we’ll let her tell you! Writing on how to support those with anxiety Hi! I’m HJ, a 27 year old thingymabob and Freedom of Mind’s PR Coord. I have had severe anxiety since I was 4 years old. It is not triggered byRead more

In his poem “A day at a time” Tom Burgess explores how it feels to want to reach out. But we’ll let him explain it better.. This poem is an anomaly for I do not write anymore, or at least that is what I have been telling myself. Capturing thoughts and sensations is a challenge,Read more

In this guest post, writer and life coach Laura Jane McKeown shares her journey with PTSD and how it’s lead to her creating positive change in both her life, and the lives of others.

This blog post comes from Cai Burton, our Marketing and Comms Manager. We wanted to share about the progress that we’ve made so far and where we’re going next. I’ve been lucky enough to see Freedom of Mind develop from very small beginnings, into the reality it is now.

This weeks blog post comes from Luke, who wanted to write about the relationship between his mental health and Muay Thai (a form of boxing). He talks openly about his own journey… TW: Cancer, suicidal thoughts, depression. There you stand, hazy and confused after taking a relentless barrage of blows. There’s an eerie silence andRead more

For this guest blog post, Colin Moody writes about how he see’s mental health and austerity overlap in his life and what needs to change for things to improve. Austerity is bad for your mental health. Do you feel alone? Depressed? Stressed? You may be suffering from austerity or the more recent strain of austerityRead more

We are so excited that Bristol is going to be hosting Peerfest this year. We wanted to talk a bit about what that means… Conversation. It’s the first of Freedom of Mind’s three main aims,  (conversation, education and change) for a good reason. Talking about issues and problems that we are experiencing is an importantRead more

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